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Field Trip: Tenement Museum

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

"Give me your tired, your poor..." Emma Lazarus wrote in her famous poem about immigration back in 1883. The controversies of the past week have put America's current views on immigration to the test, and not for the first time...

Dustin Stephens, story producer, "'Under One Roof,' at NYC Tenement Museum," CBS News ( : accessed 24 June 2018).

Check out this excellent video published this morning featuring the Tenement Museum of New York's Lower East Side.

There is nothing quite like visiting someone's home and walking in their shoes to give you a deeper understanding of their life experiences. I visited the Tenement Museum last month and cannot recommend it highly enough.

There are several different tours from which to choose. If you will be in New York City, the Tenement Museum is a must-see, both for historical context and current perspective!

Photos by Eric Wenger, 30 May 2018


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