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A new home office (#NotAtRootsTech)

After several years of working on a laptop at the kitchen table, my husband and kids finally convinced me that it's time for a dedicated home office space. My three wishes?

  1. More than one monitor so I can work with a document image, a client report, and a research log without constant toggling back and forth

  2. Lots of natural light

  3. An item of inspiration

Nathan, our 14-year-old, single-handedly assembled this desk, hooked up technology, and hung the wall display. (Thank goodness for recessive handyman genes!)

While Nathan was completing the office space, I worked on this blog post about RootsTech. Check out the photos at the end to see how I'll be enjoying RootsTech from my new home office this week!

RootsTech, the largest family history conference, is about to begin.

If you are #notatrootstech, don’t despair! There are multiple ways to participate from home:

My best piece of advice for serious genealogists?

The screenshot below demonstrates the filtering feature which allows you to search for sessions that best suit your needs and skill level.

You can then download a PDF of the handout for any sessions of interest to you. For example, I've starred two topics that will be presented on Wednesday morning. Although I cannot hear the live presentation from home, I can still access the handout provided by the instructors. These handouts are full of information and resources that will improve research skills and can be filed for future reference.

So, where will I be while gleaning lots of knowledge during a virtual RootsTech experience?

In my new home office with multiple monitors, lots of light, and a view of Lancaster County's beautiful farmland.

My absolute favorite part of this space speaks for itself.

Discovering their stories has inspired my journey.


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