Building upon my education degree and years of experience in teaching, I offer engaging and interactive classes that use high-interest case studies to demonstrate research tools and methods.  My background in theater allows me to present with passionate enthusiasm and lots of visuals.  I always include handouts with practical resources and action points that students can immediately begin applying to their own research.  If your group is interested in scheduling an event, please contact me to discuss topics, fees, and availability.

Speaking samples: two brief video clips from "Location, Location, Location!" recorded April 2019.

Presentation Topics


Extra! Extra! Read All About It! ​​Discover Your Family’s Stories in Historic Newspapers

Discover why newspapers can be the best source for understanding your ancestors’ lives.  Master search tips and tricks to maximize your discoveries.

Level: intermediate


Location, Location, Location! Using Maps, Deeds, and Other Land Records to Place Your Family in History

Learn how to use historic maps, county deeds, and federal land records to make significant family history discoveries.

Level: intermediate/advanced


The Sensational Census: Mining for Gems in Census Records

Are you mining census records for all they are worth?  Learn how to pull clues for further research from federal and state census records.  Explore the gems hiding in fascinating non-population schedules!

Level: intermediate





Strategies for Success in Pre-1850 U.S. Research

Pre-1850 research can be challenging! Discover research methods and prioritized record groups to help you find success and break down those brick walls!

Level: intermediate/advanced

Finding Females and that Elusive Maiden Name

Records of the past often leave us very little information about the females in our family history.  Learn research strategies to discover more about the lives of these women, especially those elusive maiden names to connect to their families of origin!

Level: intermediate/advanced


Cluster Research: The Ultimate Brick Wall Buster

When records simply don’t exist for an ancestor, how can we overcome the resulting “brick wall?” Learn how cluster research (AKA the FAN Club) can provide the clues necessary to solve the puzzle and break through to the next generation.

Level: intermediate


Tools of the Trade: Tables, Timelines, and More

We’ll dive into intriguing case studies to demonstrate how tables, timelines, lists and other tools can bring clarity and conclusion out of confusion!

Level: intermediate




Level Up: Design an Education Plan to Upgrade your Research Skills!

Want to make more family history discoveries?  Learn how to create a personalized education plan that fits your goals, budget, time, and learning style. 

Level: beginner/intermediate


Revamp Your Research Process

Frustrated by brick walls?  Discover how focused research with a step-by-step work flow can help you stop spinning your wheels and start making progress.

Level: beginner/intermediate


Genealogy for Beginners: First Steps to Your Family History

Want to explore your family history but don’t know where to start?  These 10 steps will guide your path of discovery!

Level: beginner


Navigating with the GPS: The Genealogical Proof Standard

Confused by sources, information, and evidence? What about correlation, analysis, and resolving conflicts?  We’ll sort out the elements of the GPS and run our research through “quality control.”

Level: intermediate/advanced





Meet the Müllers, a Moravian Family

This fascinating case study highlights resources for reconstructing an 18th century family’s life in the Pennsylvania Moravian communities of Lititz, Nazareth, and Bethlehem.

Level: beginner/intermediate


Anabaptist Ancestors: Mennonite and Brethren Research

Learn about the rich resources and repositories for reconstructing the lives of your Anabaptist ancestors in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and beyond.

Level: intermediate



Writing and sharing:


Write Your Family History with a Bite-Size Blog

Want to share and preserve your family history discoveries, but feel overwhelmed by writing a book?  I’ll share a method that worked for me and easy steps to get started.

Level: all


Sensitive Subjects: How to Handle the Family Secrets you Uncover

Murder, suicide, divorce, domestic violence, alcoholism, incest, adultery, mental illness, slaveowners… When we uncover painful secrets, should we preserve and share these family stories?

Level: all

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