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Research and Writing Services:

Update: In August 2021, I joined the Research Team at Legacy Tree Genealogists. You can learn more about our services here.

  • One-on-one coaching and consultation to create a research plan for your next steps

  • In-depth research on one individual or family, including evidence analysis and report writing adhering to the GPS (genealogical proof standard)

  • Original document retrieval and transcription in Lancaster County, PA and surrounding counties (Chester, York, Lebanon, Berks)

  • Interview and writing to preserve the memories and legacy of an elderly family member

​Every project is unique!  Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss your ideas.

View three types of sample work products.

​Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.



"I happened upon Kristin’s website and blog while doing some family research online.


I enjoyed reading her blog posts so much that I read her entire archive in one sitting!

I felt compelled to reach out to Kristin to tell her how much I enjoyed her blog and shared my “brick wall” ancestry story with her.


I have never consulted with a professional researcher before and I am so glad I did!

Kristin helped me to break down my brick wall and gave me insights I had never thought of before. I thought I was pretty good at researching but Kristin has so much knowledge she literally helped me to reframe my research (and mindset) in new ways and now I can continue on looking from a whole new perspective. I would never have pursued these new leads if Kristin had not been involved and unlocked them for me.


Not only is Kristin really knowledgeable, it’s immediately apparent that she has a genuine love and passion for family research, even when  it’s not her own family! She’s kind and empathic and lovely to interact with. (And boy, she works quickly!)


Do yourself a favor and contact Kristin. I can’t wait to share my new learnings with my family! Had I not worked with Kristin I would still be pursuing leads that were never going to go anywhere.


By the way, Kristin was also the First Prize winner of’s Pro Genealogist Scholarship Program. Pretty cool!


Jennifer, Ohio

"Given that I was an adopted child, with no understanding of my ancestors past my birth parents, your research has opened a whole new perspective and has done so with the certainty that only professional research can provide."

Sarah, Texas

"Excellent" work! "Super fun and interesting to learn how source documents construct a family story."

Jennifer, California

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