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Don't miss out! Find more stories by supercharging your search skills.

Need a mid-winter research recharge?

Join me for a (virtual) winter workshop with the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM (Eastern).

In this interactive, fast-paced 90-minute workshop for intermediate genealogists, we will take a deep dive into the treasure trove that awaits you in digitized newspaper collections. Learn how you can make more fascinating finds about your family history by applying search strategies to maximize success!

  • Discover my top 10 tips and tricks to uncover the stories you’ve been missing.

  • Engage in fun mini treasure hunt challenges to practice the techniques.

  • Walk away prepared to apply these strategies to your own family history research. You may just make some amazing new discoveries!

This workshop is hosted by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, so we will be focusing our examples on Lancaster newspapers; however, the search methodologies can be applied to online newspapers from any location.

To fully participate in the workshop, you will need one of three options:




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