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Tech Tip: Preserving and Sharing Old Photos (the Quick and Easy Way)

I am currently helping several family members tackle the task of sorting through old photographs. Last evening, for example, my husband’s aunts were attempting to decide what to do with several tables full of photographs.

There have been entire books written on professional photo preservation; however, for most of us, the thought of buying a scanner, labeling, and indexing photos is so time-consuming or expensive that it gets put off indefinitely and never happens. May I suggest the quickest and easiest method I have found for preserving and sharing photos? It is simple enough that it may just motivate you to get started. Additionally, if you already own a smartphone, it is absolutely free.

Check out this quick video that demonstrates how it is done.

Here is an example of a photograph I scanned last night. It was in an antique frame which I did not want to disturb. This is my original image, captured right through the glass.

Once scanned with the app, the image synced immediately into my Google Photos account. Images can be cropped and edited if desired. For example, I cropped my original to remove the frame and get a closer look at the face of my husband’s third great grandfather as a young man.

There are several benefits of using this method. You can back up, tag, share, and enhance images with ease, This article provides a great summary of why this quick and easy method might be the best option for preserving and sharing your old family photographs.


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