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The Walley of No Vires

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Yes, those spelling errors are intentional. I titled my post exactly the way you'd hear the location of the video pronounced (with a Pennsylvania Dutch accent) by those who have farmed this land for generations. After I wrote about about the now nearly 300-year-old Wenger homestead farm last week, I thought I should share this video that captures the beauty of Lancaster County farmland.

Eric and our youngest son, Nathan, enjoy taking drone videos together. I don't fly the drone, mostly because I don't trust myself not to crash it, but I do participate by selecting music and helping to edit the raw footage. Nathan wanted to make a video last July, and I knew the perfect spot to fly without too many obstacles. Eric and I became well-acquainted with these roads several years ago when we were training to run the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon. This particular area is known to locals as "the valley of no wires" because the Amish farms have never been connected to the electric grid, resulting in a picturesque panorama.

I hope you enjoy the scenic beauty of our agricultural heritage!

Here is a bonus video from just last week that showcases a snowy sunrise during the opposite season of the first video. Lancaster County is beautiful year round!


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