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Treasures in the Lancaster County Archives

I was thrilled to see a front page story about the Lancaster County Archives in this morning's newspaper, including a link to a video tour!

Take a look...

Of course, I regularly use deeds, wills, marriage licenses, and other records mentioned in the video to research family history for both clients and myself. In my experience, what are the documents that have made the greatest impact and solved the biggest mysteries?

Divorce and adoption. Brokenness and loss often bury family relationships and stories, and I love being able to piece them back together. Here are a just a sample of the amazing stories that have been unearthed, thanks to the treasures in the Lancaster County Archives.

An adoption record solves the mystery of a missing daughter and sister

Testimony in a divorce case sheds light on the childhood home of my great grandpa (pictured at left) before his mother was killed.

The divorce testimony of my 4x great grandmother (pictured above) provides heartbreaking insight into alcoholism and domestic violence circa 1860.

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Only have time for one more? Here is one of the most incredible discoveries I've made.

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