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True Love (#52Ancestors week 7: Valentine)

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am celebrating love that stands the test of time with photographs of our grandparents on their wedding days:

Arthur Denlinger Wenger and Mary Kathryn Heller

February 10, 1951

They celebrated 67 years of marriage this week!

(Eric's paternal grandparents)

John David Hornberger and Doris Jean Millhouse

March 13, 1954

They will celebrate 64 years of marriage next month.

(My paternal grandparents)

John Combe Groenendaal and Lucille Ann Norbeck

March 11, 1939

They were married for 61 years before John's death in 2000.

(My maternal grandparents)

John Becker Becker and Evelyn Mae Ranck

February 21, 1948

They were married for 54 years before John's death in 2002.

(Eric's maternal grandparents)

I am thankful for these devoted couples and their legacies. Remember to treasure your sweetheart not just on Valentine's Day, but every day of every year you are given together!


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